Anna Diorio, also known as Happy Accident, is a writer, singer, MC, pianist, facilitator of healing, and cultivator of community striving everyday to spread positive vibrations for the greatest good of all sentient beings. Anna’s artistic and healing practice seeks to uplift and inspire the spirit, bridge the gap between intuition and intellect, and facilitate the transformation of pain into creative expression. Ms. Diorio is deeply rooted in a long lineage of Jazz musicians, and her branches in Hip Hop are a natural extension of a deep love for poetry, global community, and intuitive musicality. As Happy Accident, she released her first EP, “In No Sense Lost” in November 2015. Anna currently spends her days serving as Administrative Coordinator for Bridging Education & Art Together (BEAT Global), collaborating with creative individuals and communities, and performing with her Jazz & HipHop group, The Happy Accident Band. Anna has a strong connection with heart-centered meditation, and is the founder and facilitator of PlayGrounded Journey Circle, a Shamanic drum journey circle that meets regularly at the RAKit Club, a home for Random Acts of Kindness.

Happy Accident is a magical performer who invites the entire audience in to sample from her cave of musical delights. She’ll be freestyling, beatboxing and MC’ing with the perfect beats that just remind you to open your heart and live that awesome life you’ve always dreamed, and five minutes later have the audience in tears with lush sounds and beautiful lyrics that give away her impeccable training in classical and jazz music. But really, Anna’s medicine isn’t just in her music, the stuff she’s written herself, learned from elders or improvised on the spot in the middle of the room – it’s how she draws the audience in, singing in unison, creating songs based on crowd’s energy, getting everyone up and dancing. I could listen to Anna sing all night, and frequently do

Rishe Groner

(Music Writer & Storyteller)